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Everyone knows the growing demand for social media. Social media can be beneficial or problematic for a business, causing an increase or loss of customers. Part of our services at Elite Management Solutios is to support the social media of your business. Some of the services we provide on social media like Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Emails, and more are:

  • Technical Support
  • Creation and Maintenance of Social Accounts
  • Cover designs, profile images, banners and more.
  • Constant publications that keep accounts active.
  • Publication of promotions or offers that generate sales.
  • Increase of Followers and actives thereof.
  • Follow-up on complaints or complaints made in social media.
  • Decrease in bad reviews.
  • Increased presence of organic and through paid advertisements.
  • Links to the website or data collection forms.
  • Creation of Locations for businesses with multiple locations.
  • Cancellation of false accounts o Acquiring access to social accounts.

The constant maintenance of social networks allows you to be close to your clientele, and at the same time motivate you to return or visit your business. The lack of this allows the growth of social networks of your competition, leaving your business without potential sales.

See our portfolio of social media banners here.

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